Thursday, December 5, 2013

Best Home Theater Projectors

To produce a truly amazing home theater system you have to begin with the best home theater projector which can be able to display complete 1080p HD. Depending on the dimensions of your space, projectors may display some sort of screen measurement from 70-150 inches and up to immerse yourself inside a cinematic experience.

There are generally three various kinds of technology used in front projection models which are LCD, DLP, in addition to LCOS. LCD means Liquid Crystal Display which uses equivalent technology compared to that found in LCD flat screen TVs. They are within the lower side on the price range, while not really performing up to par with the other two. DLP means Digital Light Processing and its best pro is at reducing motion blur. LCOS is actually Liquid Crystal on Silicone and kind of combines both other varieties into one. They are usually in the higher end of the cost, but have the best contrast ratios in addition to black levels which many people agree are the most important factors in obtaining a great picture. For much more information CNET carries a good post about LCD compared to DLP vs LCOS.

There are many manufacturers of home theater projectors which includes Sony, Panasonic, Epson, BenQ, Optoma, Mitsubishi, Acer, and much more. Pricing runs from about six hundred dollars for lower quality 720p versions to over three thousand dollars for superb 1080p designs with 3dcapabilities. Yet, the price will be continually lowering and you may find top rated units from the one thousand to fifteen hundred dollar range.

If you only desire the very best rated product then go with the Sony VPLHW30ES which is suited to displaying a 300-inch picture. It utilizes Sony's model of LCOS known as SXRD to create an extraordinary picture.

The model that could be seen as the top value home entertainment system projector is the BenQ W1070 costing $999. This is a DLP projector which outputs in complete 1080p HD plus 3D.

If you're on a tight budget then you may check out the Acer H6510BD DLP Projector which costs a very reasonable seven hundred dollars. It is additionally a 3d projector along with full 1080p resolution.

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